Our Vision

“Small, Simple Machines that do simple tasks, very well”

Welcome to SwarmFarm Robotics.

After turning to bigger, faster and heavier machines on our own farms, we came to realise that bigger machinery wasn’t necessarily better. In a mad rush to become more efficient, we had lost sight of the best way to grow crops. We were compromising optimal crop growth, over machine efficiency.


To keep up with the growth in human population, more food will have to be produced over the next 50 years than has been during the past 10,000 years. At the same time, agriculture needs to reduce its impact on the environment and continue to develop sustainable production systems.

The challenge is huge.

We believe that robotic technology holds the key to new farming systems to increase yields while improving sustainability and environmental impact.

SwarmFarm is at the forefront of this transformation.

The childhood dream of a driverless tractor won’t cut it- We believe the driverless tractor is already obsolete.
There is no point automating what we are already doing. …..and adding another 50 horsepower under the bonnet won’t help!

“If i had asked people
what they wanted,
they would have said
faster horses.”

Henry Ford

Events & Media

Andrew will be speaking at the following Events in 2015:


The 2015 conference will be held on 2nd – 6th February 2015. Click image to read more.


The 2015 conference will be held on Friday, February 27 2015. Click image to read more.

Andrew spoke at the following Events in 2014:


Tuesday 5th August – 2.30pm
Mecure Brisbane


Thursday 7th Aug – 8.45am
Gold Coast Convention Centre

Tuesday 28th Aug – 2.30pm
Warra Memorial Hall

Thursday 4th Sept – 7am
Glenvale Rooms, Toowoomba Showgrounds

Grains Research and Development Corporation
Issue 113 November-December 2014


Read reviews and comments from leading Industry Professionals
regarding SwarmFarm and the future of robotic farming:


“Small electrical buggies are the future of weed control. ” — Dr. David Ball, QUT


“The AgBot could revolutionise grain production by saving hundreds of millions of dollars every year.” — John McVeigh, Minister – Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry


“Innovations like the AgBot will also help us achieve our goal of doubling food production by 2040” — John McVeigh, Minister – Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry


“Small means little or no soil compaction, so farmers can reclaim their paddocks. ” — Andrew Bate, SwarmFarm Robotics


“What we are looking at is swarms of small, lightweight machines that work together in a cooperative team. So instead of one large tractor you might have six small ones about the size of a ride on lawn mower.” — Andrew Bate, SwarmFarm Robotics

“QUT, world-class capabilities in robotics R&D.” — Professor Gordon Wyeth, QUT


“world-first project … aims to revolutionise broad acre farming” — Professor Gordon Wyeth, QUT


“Replace big, heavy machinery with small, lightweight, co-operative intelligent robots” – Dr. David Ball, QUT

Our Partners

About Us

Peter Milani

Mechatronics Engineer

Peter has extensive experience in control and robotic systems in both high degree of freedom electrohydraulic manipulators and mobile robotics.
Peter also has many years of experience in the resources and defense sectors, and grew up on a sugar cane farm in North Queensland.


Future Recruiting!

Mechatronics / Software / Mechanical Engineers   (someone who lives and breathes robots …)

We’re a small team with a big goal!  
 If you can dazzle us with your talent, passion and potential, you’ll get to work on one of the most exciting projects around!

We are always on the lookout for passionate, talented people, so please drop us a line.

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